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Melbourne bridges

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So often we miss the little details, the faintest frost on the leaves, sparkling lights scattered across the top of the tallest building, the textured landscape where the mountains meet the sea. These images are my passion, a natural aptitude for photography fast became a skill I am so pleased to share with you. I hope you enjoy looking at my images and would love to hear from you. Fabian Fernandez

Seaspray VIC

Seaspray VIC

Redhead - NSW

Redhead - NSW

Docklands - Melbourne

Docklands - Melbourne

Craig's Hut

Craig's Hut

La tuna Sunset - Uruguay

La tuna Sunset - Uruguay

La tuna Sunrise - Uruguay

La tuna Sunrise - Uruguay

Rolling Storm

Rolling Storm

Foster - VIC

Foster - VIC

Loch & Gorge

Loch & Gorge

Rolling Hills

Rolling Hills



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Do you have a favourite holiday destination, view from your favourite window, maybe the city laneway where you had your first date, the door to your first office building or the street you played in as a child. Imagine capturing these images for all time. Images of landscapes and locations of personal significance and sentimental value are fast becoming a beautiful way to preserve happy times. Gifts of this sort are a magical way to evoke what is most precious to us, our memories. Get a stunning high resolution image framed and beautifully presented as an everlasting reminder of your treasured memory or landscape.

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 About the artist


Moving from Sydney to Melbourne in the late 90’s the first thing that captured my attention was how beautiful the city could be. Many travels throughout regional Australia deepened my awe at the varied landscape and soon I was in love with this country as much as my parents’ native Uruguay.

My older brother gave me my first camera, a Nikon, and I still remember having to roll the film on ever so carefully so as not to expose too much of the cylinder to the harsh sunlight streaming through my bedroom window. As years went by, I further entertained my creative streak with painting, drawing and music. However it would be some years before I picked up the camera again. Motivated by a trip to Japan, I purchased a professional quality camera. As I explored this new environment it came back to me, I remembered the excitement, the anticipation of catching just the right image, and the exhilaration I felt in bringing to life what was captured in still moments.

I must confess, this is a labour of love and one that I am so happy to be able to share with you. I am persistently refining skills, exploring new techniques and challenging myself to take on new perspectives. I believe if you have an open mind you will never stop learning and growing and that is a part of life that I truly enjoy.

I trust you will enjoy taking a stroll through my site and taking in the images through my eyes.



Snapped : Melbourne by the Water Competition 2014

Highly commended, Heritage Award



Award statement from Judges

A close contender for winner of the Heritage Award, the Community Heritage Team was fascinated by this inspired view of Melbourne’s bridges in a single capture. Have you ever noticed how this stretch of the Yarra contains so many bridges? Have you ever seen them all together like this? We admire the entrant’s vision and originality in framing this valuable, seldom-seen view of Melbourne. Taken from the Hilton on South Wharf, we can clearly distinguish the sextet of Spencer Street Bridge, Kings Bridge, Queens Bridge, Sandridge Rail Bridge, Southbank Pedestrian Bridge and Princes Bridge. As well as the bridges, the photo provides valuable context by including enough of the structures on either side of the river. We commend the photographer on their unique vision for an image that will be of great historic value for years to come.

Judging Panel

Carla Gottgens, Matt Irwin, Graham Shepherd


About the competition

Snapped is a free photography competition delivered every two years by Melbourne Library Service. The competition aims to encourage creativity, engender civic pride and stimulate interest in the past, present and future of the City of Melbourne.

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